I have been seeing more and more of these types of posts, so I figured I needed to put one together. I’m a mild participant in the EDC world, so this isn’t anything crazy. Most of what you see here comes from Everyday Carry and Man Made DIY, two sites I visit regularly. Mine is designed around work and minimum viable carry. The only thing not shown here is my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S7 in black. I use that as a flashlight, camera, and obviously a phone.

For full disclosure, all images and links are Amazon affiliate-based to help support the blog. Starting in the upper left of the feature image, going around the clock, we have the following:

Herschel Supply Co. Charlie’s Card Holder in black. This little wallet is a regular in my back pocket and has shown minimal wear. Currently, it holds the license, a few credit/debit cards, the Costco card, and the ubiquitous AAA card. Because I like old cars that break.

Timex Weekender Chrono, blue face, with date viewer. I am a big fan of simplicity and value, and the Timex Weekender series is the classic choice. For the money, a Weekender can’t be beat. I swap the bands out regularly, this is a NATO Navy/White/Red deal that I get a Martini livery vibe from. I also swap this out with a Seiko 5 in classic matte silver for a more upscale look.

Some sort of handkerchief. This item is a rarity on most EDC lists, but the utility is bar-none. Of course, there is the classic reason for a handkerchief; sneezing and other nose/face maladies. But I’ve used mine as a makeshift hand towel, tourniquet, fluid collector (oil, water, blood, etc), even as a signaling device! I have a small drawer full of them. They are cheap and easily replaced if destroyed in use.

True Utility KeyRing system. This little keychain system is an easy-to-use solution that unifies your common house keys on a shackle (genius!) along with a collection of quick-swap mini carabiners for the rest of your keychain junk.

Nite Ize DoohiKey. This tiny multitool hangs out on the KeyRing from above and includes a bottle opener, measuring stick, pry tool, and a few wrenches. I mainly use the bottle opener and the pry tool but everything on this has been used at one time or another.

Husky Compact Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife. I have no particular ties to this particular brand of folding utility knife, but this is what I came across when I lost my last one – a Gerber EAB. The gist of these knives is that they use standard utility blades. That means you can swap in a new blade when the current one goes dull. The knife itself is damn cheap at less than $10 so if you forget it’s in your pocket at a security checkpoint, there is no love lost – just toss it and pick up a new one. Buy a bundle of blades in bulk and you’re set for life. I have been trying to use up a 100-pack for 3 years running. Can’t beat the cost at under $20 all-in!