Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with cars, and anything mechanical. One of my favorite blogs to read on the topic is the AutoExtremist‘s Rants. They’re a passionate diatribe into the inner workings of the OEM automotive space from industry insider Peter M. De Lorenzo. One of my cherished articles details Bill Mitchell – The Passionate Design Maestro. Not familiar with the name? He was the Director of Styling at GM, leading the design studio that put out the Stingray Corvette, along with a number of brilliantly designed concepts and vehicles such as the 1963 Buick Riviera and the second-generation Corvair. My favorite passage is as follows

If anything, we must remember what really matters in this business above all else – something he instinctively knew in his gut – and that is to never forget the essence of the machine, and what makes it a living, breathing mechanical conduit of our hopes and dreams. And that in the course of designing, engineering and building these machines everyone needs to aim higher and push harder – with a relentless, unwavering passion and love for the automobile that is so powerful and unyielding that it can’t be beaten down by committee-think or buried in bureaucratic mediocrity.